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NB-Store v2 is no longer being developed. With the stable release of the new NBrightStore v3 (NBSv3) for DNN it is recommended that all new projects should be built with NBSv3.

You can find NBSv3 here:

About the Nevoweb NB_Store Module suite for DotNetNuke

eCommerce on DotNetNuke is now powerful, flexible and free with the NB_Store module suite.

Demonstration site

Get started

Download the current stable release and then follow the Step by step guide linked here below. The most current documentation is always available in the store Back Office, on the Admin tab, where there is a Help link.

Help improve NB_Store


Live sites - Make sure you tell us here when you go live!

These websites belong to real businesses. Please do NOT use them to test NB_Store. Use the demonstration website we have provided above, for all testing purposes.

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