Category Name tag

Apr 18, 2010 at 3:29 AM

I'm displaying a list of products and have one page that displays all products.

In the list I would like to display the Category name e.g. [TAG:CATEGORYNAME].

Is there a way this can be done?

Apr 18, 2010 at 7:06 AM


No, there is not a tag for category name at product level, the reason for this is that each product can be in many categories.

However if you have a look module productlist settings, in there is an option"Module Title:" you can select this to be the category name, but it will only display on the product detail.

Another option is to have a different template for each category, then you can hardcode the category name into the template.



Apr 21, 2010 at 7:03 AM

Hi Dave

Yeah that probably fair enough although my products are only in 1 category. The reason was to display the category in a list of all products so setting the module title or hard coding in the template wouldn't work.

Possibly only the first cat could be a displayed or in a semi-colon separated list e.g. Cat1;Cat2;Cat3

At the moment I have added it in the Ref column. There's not a way to add custom product attirbutes is there?

Apr 21, 2010 at 8:40 AM

Below I've listed the extract from the documentation.html...


Creating Bespoke Product Fields

NB_Store allows your to define your own additional products fields. This is done by creating a template called "productxmldata.template" and specifying your required fields.


Step 1: Create a "productxmldata.template".
In the Utilities>templates Menu create a new template called "productxmldata.template" and enter the example code below

TextBox : [<tag id="txtTextBox" type="textbox" width="60" cssclass="normal" maxlength="20" />]
DropDown : [<tag id="dlDropDown" type="dropdownlist" cssclass="normal" data="list1;list2;list3;list4;list5" datavalue="1;2;3;4;5" />]
Checkbox : [<tag id="chkCheckbox" type="checkbox" cssclass="normal" text="Checkbox" />]
Radio : [<tag id="radRadio" type="radiobuttonlist" cssclass="normal" data="list1;list2;list3;list4;list5" datavalue="1;2;3;4;5" RepeatColumns="5" />]

NOTE: If the "datavlue" attribute is not speified then the "data" attribute is used as the data values.

Step 2: Create Display Template Tokens in your product list or product detail template.







Jan 18, 2011 at 11:46 PM


Creating bespoke products fields work fine for internet explorer. By viewing the product detail in firefox the fields are disappeared. Can somebody help me through this...

I' m adding the following under the price row in the productdetail.template

<div class="Value">
            <td>[TAG:XMLDATA:genxml/textbox/widthTextBox] cm</td>
           <td>[TAG:XMLDATA:genxml/textbox/heightTextBox] cm</td>