Paypal return pages

Mar 29, 2009 at 8:51 AM
Hi again,

I'm just wondering about the docs on the PayPal bits...
It says:

  1. ReturnURL=[ORDERID]/Default.aspx?PayPalExit=RETURN (This URL needs to be set as your cart page url, with the ?PayPalExit=RETURN added on the end, stg/5 param tels thecart what response to do)
  2. ReturnCancelURL=[ORDERID]/Default.aspx?PayPalExit=CANCEL (As Above!)
  3. ReturnNotifyURL= (As Above!, but with stg/4.)

Number 2 is pretty obvious, but what about 1 and 3.. if one is the page returned to upon successful payment, then what is the other? The three sample URL's above all point to the same tab ID... yet depending on exactly what each is, I'm unsure if I should have two or three pages for this. Thanks for advice on this.

And I'm sure you've got this on the list somewhere already... It'd be much more usable if it had preset for fields for the paypal URL, a field for the email address, a dropdown for the currency, an upload control for the button image, and of course a tab browser for the three URL's above.
Mar 29, 2009 at 8:56 AM
hang on... scratch the bit about the 3 pages.. I've just realised they're all meant to point to the same page - the cart. In future this could maybe be a single tab browser that would then populate all 3 URL's automatically.

Just about ready to fire off order number 1 :)
Mar 30, 2009 at 8:52 AM
Hi Rob,

Yes, all 3 url's point to the cart page, the difference is the stg, and PayPalExit params, these tell the provider what processing to do.

1 - ReturnURL = return to cart after successful purchase.
2 - ReturnCancelURL = return to cart after failed purchase.
3 - ReturnNotifyURL = Use the IPN of paypal to process in order in NB_Store, before the client returns to the store.

I know the xml interface used in the settings is very basic, but the idea is so that any kind of parameters can be created for any kind of provider without having to create a special input form for each.  And of course this approach allows for the creation of a special form input module at a later date.

Sep 8, 2009 at 12:46 AM

Just a tip on the IPN, aside from the importance of having the /stg/4/ in the ReturnNotifyURL, you also need to give your store a few seconds to connect to paypal and check the IPN, if you return to the store too quickly, the order will not have had enough time to validate the order and so will show Payment unverified.

So give it about 5 seconds or so, that was driving me crazy, such a simple thing :)