Product Suppliers

Jun 16, 2009 at 6:11 AM

Hi there

I would be great if you could add a simple suppliers table to products. Very similar to the model(s) table.

ie a very simple ProductSuppliers table

SupplierID  --> link to Suppliers Table
Reference  NVARCHAR 100
Barcode    NVARCHAR 20
UOM         NVARCHAR 20   - unit of Measure
Units         DECIMAL  - Number of Product Units in UOM
RRP          CURRENCY - Recommended Retail Price
LastBuy      CURRENCY - Last quoted buy price
LastDate    DATETIME   - Date of last price check
DeliveryDays INT  - Days needed to deliver goods
DropShip   BIT   - supplier can drop ship goods direct to client if needed
Notes       NVARCHAR(MAX)
Btw the Products refer to DB Column UnitCost and a Label Cost - it may be better if it defaulted to UnitSell and Sell - as cost is usually associated with the buying price (ie the suppliers sell price is our cost price), a minor point but it can be confusing for people inputing stock items and wondering why there is not field for the selling price. (I know I can change in resx files, but just letting you know)

It would also be great if you could add fields for Recommended Retail Price - RRP, Suggested Retail Price - SRP or Manufacturers SRP and maybe 2 other fields just named Price1 & Price2 which could be used as needed in templates.



Jun 16, 2009 at 9:11 AM

Hi Peter,


Thanks for the feedback, The idea of suppliers and manufactures is one we need to look at.  Thanks for the table structure idea it helps to know what people want.

I agree with the naming of "Cost", also on the next version of NB_Store (1.1.7) I've added "Cost","Dealer","Price" fields to the model.  ("Cost" now getting very confusing).  Also I've added the ability to create your own custom fields at product level.



Jun 16, 2009 at 12:03 PM

Fantastic news - user defined product fields --- an awesome feature to have.

This shop is turning out to be a great product - maybe you should add a "donate" button to this forum soon.

Great to hear you've added other price related fields too. Should make the whole inventory/buying process alot more sophisticated.

Cheers Dave