Accessing Checkout

Jun 18, 2009 at 1:17 AM

Hi all,

First let me say this module is great - sometimes i dispair over developers these days, modules poorly layed out and missing important things but full of bad things. I am so happy to say this module is none of those things - its got exactly the things i imagined i would need in an online shop, and i think the templating idea is excellent - as well as the workflow of the backend - fantastic job.

One small question :) Is there 'tag' or another way to provide a link to the checkout page. For various reasons i dont have the cart page visible in the menu, and need a way to add a link to the minicart template, or even the categories template. I couldn't see any tags or options listed for these modules in their settings, or the documentation. I wish to avoid hardcoding the URL as this project is to be exported as DNN template and rolled to many portals, potentially causing a hardcoded link to 404:)

Look forward to some help:)


Jun 18, 2009 at 7:43 AM


The quick answer is No.  The problem with creating a token for this is that if you have to set the token to a select tabid value, then when you move the portal the tabid value for the cart will change, just the same as a hardcoded link.

There are a couple of alternatives:

1. In the next release I could look at using a set name value for the cart, which then has to pickup the acctual tabid when the portal is loaded.  Then pass this to a token value on rendering of the templates.  (This is possible but I'd have to make sure the processing/overhead is an issue.  And the time involved in doing this means it's probably going to be one of the things on the "want list", not the "need list".)

2. You could try using something like Inventua SideMenu, but I'm unsure even this will overcome the multiple port transfer issue.


Sorry I can't be more help.



Jun 18, 2009 at 7:48 AM

Hi Dave,

Appreciate the speedy reply. I understand what you're saying - that does make it difficult, i guess i'll just have to hardcode a link in and add it to the list of things to check when duplicating another portal.

I am curious however, what is the intended approach for accessing the checkout - via the menu only? (or after buying an item, with the option set to redirect to cart). Speaking of which, if you have the option to redirect to the cart available, surely for that to function - your module must be aware of the page specified as the cart? Sorry to ask silly questions:)


Jun 18, 2009 at 8:19 AM

Hi Charles,

The Redirect to cart option in the product list settings is to redirect to the cart when a customer clicks the buy button.  This also has the problem that when the portal is copied the tabid saved in the settings will then be incorrect and will need resetting.

Therefore at the moment the only reliable way of making sure a link exists after the portal is copied is to use the DNN menu.  Basically when you copy a portal, the standard procedure is to update the settings and hardcoded links to the new portal settings.

Sorry but that is the way it works at the moment, probably due to the fact I never have had a situation like yours.