How to Streamline for Donation Entry?

Jul 16, 2009 at 6:10 PM

<confession> I'm a noob. </confession>

I've only been using DNN for about 3 weeks and NB_Store for 1 day.

I have a client who has a sweepstakes to benefit a non-profit.

I need to "sell" via fixed price donations 10,000 tickets.

It looks like NB_Store can handle this as a one product store.  Entrant clicks on an image of the grand prize, adds it to cart and checks out via PayPal - sound OK so far?  Any way to simplify this process?


1) It looks like I can stock the store with 10,000 tickets - true?

2) I need each ticket to have a unique identifier - any help in NB_Store to do that?  Identifier could be serial/sequential number - combined with entrant's name would avoid counterfits.

3) All sales are logged into the database - right?  So I have a record of who and when ticket was sold? - true???

4) I'd like to email entrant their 'ticket' upon PayPal success - can NB_Store help there?

Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions and recommendations.  Feel free to tell me I'm crazy for doing it this way - but please have another suggestion ready if you do ;-)


Jul 19, 2009 at 11:09 PM

Hi Steve,

Sorry I've not replied before..not been at the office for a few days..

1.  Yes...No problem

2. The only unique identifier is the order number which is generated when the order is made.

3. Yes..

4 The eamil theat is returned to the client could be adapted to be some for of printable ticket.


It could work, but I think you'll have to play around a bit before you can be sure you can get what you want.