Image quality and Clarity

Aug 12, 2009 at 5:21 AM

I am struggling with the image quality on our development site.  I have a 250px image loaded and the 'productlist' template calls for a 50px image and the 'detailedpage' to display the full image.  i have the image.quality template set to 95 and still getting the small 50px image really out of focus.  Is there something I am not doing well?  Take a look at the Strawberry images here...

Fruits > berries - tropicals


Thanks Forum for taking the time.

Btw, Dave, I sent you a mail last week and still waiting for a reply.


Aug 12, 2009 at 5:47 AM

hmm that's quite a tiny thumbnail and there isn't a lot of room to fit much detail into 50 pixels.. but the real reason is of course the smoothing and antialiasing of the resizer. Dave very handily exposed these settings in 117 and so you can have a shot at applying different options.

Look in the documentation.html file under Image Resizing. You'll find where you can apply new settings. Exactly how to find the best settings is no simple task, but there is quite a bit of info on on it and I can advise straight off that using the high quality settings will in fact produce fuzzier images at the smallest sizes. So try going down to NearestNeighbor or lower for a start.

Another way to improve it would be to have larger thumbnails... that site has plenty of spare space for some tastier-looking large thumbs.