Suggestions for Shipping

Sep 30, 2009 at 11:33 PM


What I would really like with the shipping, as well as the freight fee options, is to have a By Post Code option.

this is how it could work.

You set up a number of shipping methods. For example Metro, Region 1, Region 2 etc.

You then have a table if post code ranges, ie 3000 to 3199, 4000 to 4199 and map that to the shipping method.

Wtih the current system, you have to rely on the customer selecting the currect method based on where they live, and my experience is that someone always gets it wrong.

With this way, you would have all the information you needed to calcualate the shipping method. If they werent logged on when they got to the cart, you could have a message saying you need to log on to calculate freight, or ask them for a post code.

If there were two shipping methods (ie, express or normal post) that matched the same post code range, you then give the customer a choice.

What do you think? Or if I want this I need to write it myself!


Oct 1, 2009 at 6:15 AM

Hi John,

A simular issue to this has come up before, the way we solved this last time was to create all the Postal (or area codes in that case) as countires in the list.

Of course this is not ideal, ideally we would have a region/postal code drop down as well and country, but it should work.

If you do decided to write something youself, please get in touch so we can co-ordinate your devlopment with NB_Store and perhaps move your changes in to the main stream.