Manual Payment/Orders, Category/product list Dashboard, Multi sellers

Jan 22, 2010 at 7:38 AM


I'm very interested on NBStore. My questions:

1. We want to implement manual processing of orders and payment(no direct payment or payment gateways), but still use shpping cart. Buyers still can use shopping cart as usual but check-out processsing is sending Order Details to Seller (email templates is defined before). Then the same Order details plus  payment instructions is sent to buyer to their email. After payment done, the buyers can confirm their payment on website (ex. on confirm payment page). They can access to their orders and make payment confirmations. An email notification is sent to seller and seller can set the status of that order to be 'paid' after manually verified. Then seller can sent back the invoice to buyer (defined by templates before). Can we set this scenario?

2. Can I create own category/product list dashboard with different product list parameter, ex. by new release, etc? I can place it anywhere on pages.

3. Can we setup one store but it has multi sellers/vendors? Each vendor only has permission to their own products, folder and manage their own sales and orders.



Jan 24, 2010 at 5:18 PM


In answer to your question,

1 - Yes, but you'll need to change pay by cheque method to have a different image for the button and all the email.text templates will need changing for your needs.

2 - Yes, but to do this you'll have to have multiple productlist  modules each with there own sort order (or use the url param to select the sort order))

3 - Yes, but this is not exactly build into NB_Store, to do the you'll need to create the needed DNN security and only give edit rights to the product list modules to the people that need it.   This may mean you'll need to create multiple tabs for each user role, each tab having a defined category with browsing not allowed.

The bottom line is that you';ll need to play around with NB_Store quite a bit to make sure it matches your needs.