Few More Question about the store Dave

Feb 9, 2010 at 2:18 PM

Hi dave,

Thanks for replying my earlier questions, I have few more questions :)

1. I wan to customize the category tree menu as how can we aplly some style on the menu please help me in this( I have tried to give some CSS in the setting but it dosn't work).

2. another wuextion is if I want to give link to perticular categories from the bottom menu or top menu then is there any way in the module or do I have to just lick with the URL of that category please help me in this also.

3. Can I add remove button in the shopping cart


Thanks and Regards


Feb 12, 2010 at 12:46 AM

Hi Sansugoi


The jquery.treeview.css styles are inside the /js folder. This stylesheet is applied after the Portal.css and so you will need to use "!important" to force your new styles to be applied.

For example, put this in your Portal.css:

.treeview a{color:red !important}
.treeview a:hover{color:green !important}
.treeview a.selected{color:yellow !important}

An alternative method is to create and specify a new stylesheet in "categorymenucss.includes". I believe that the stylesheet should be placed in the js folder for this function.


If you're saying you just want to link to a specific category or subcategory, then yes, use the URL.

But if you're saying to want to only display a specific category on a specific page, then this is supported in the next beta release, which is due out shortly.


This isn't supported, but I've made a note of it for discussion.

Hope that helps