NB_Store Documentation Wiki

Important : v2.3.2 requires the Back Office module to be placed onto a seperate page to the productlist and minicart.

Note - The online documentation is slow to grow. Information for sections labeled as 'empty' on this page can usually be found in the Help section of the Admin tab in the Store Back Office. Otherwise, ask in the Discussions tab above. Please avoid asking questions within the documentation pages as they are not often checked.

About this documentation
Store Overview & Features
Standards Compliance
Development roadmap
Devlopers Guide

Installation - Host functions

Installation & skill requirements
System requirements
Downloads and documents
Scheduled tasks
Language & Localisation

Configuration - Administrator functions

Step by step guide to a working store

Advanced configuration
Authentication methods
Standard Security Roles
Downloadable Products
Upload Files on Orders
Discounts, promotions and sale pricing
Category menus (empty)
Advanced Settings (empty)
Templates, styling and code
Reset and upgrade your configuration
Importing products

Settings (empty)
Templates (empty)

Store operator's manual

Introducing the Back Office

Email addresses (empty)
Email and order display templates (empty)
Tax (empty)
Shipping (mostly empty)
Cart Payment Options

Orders (empty)
Customers (empty)
Promotions (empty)
Data export (empty)
Audit logs
Change requests (empty)
Common problems and solutions (empty)

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Technica May 11, 2013 at 4:19 AM 
I normally copy the documentation.html and paste it into Word, you will need to do some reformatting, but it does become a very handy reference, from Word you can save as a pdf if required.

robax Oct 8, 2011 at 4:49 AM 
It's accessible through the Admin tab in the store Back Office. You can book mark it from there if you want.

hedera Sep 2, 2011 at 9:07 PM 
The Documentation.html which comes in the install module is much better than this at explaining how to customize the store; but I had trouble making a usable local copy of it. I saved the page from Chrome but when I tried to open the saved page, none of the links worked. Is there a way I can get a full copy of that?