Cart and Checkout

The Store Cart and Checkout have been joined to provide a single module.

Process Chart

  • View Cart - When a user views their cart they can select a country for shipping, change product quantity and recalculate the cart. This gives them a total cost including shipping, before going to the checkout. On a recalculate the stock levels are checked and adjusted if required, if the quantity has been set to 0 then the item is removed from the cart. The shipping is recalculated based on the shipping rates set. If the VAT registered field is visible and the user has entered a value that has a different lead country value from the merchant country code, the VAT is removed from the order. (No validation of the validity of the VAT number is done by the store) The discount code field is currently not implemented by the store. This is designed for future needs.
  • Enter Address - The Address form takes the user default address and email from the DNN user profile. If the user ticks the checkbox(s) to set the entered field as a default address/email the DNN user profile is updated. When the next button is click the order is created by copying the cart to a new order in the database, the addresses are also saved against the order at this time. So if the user changes address after the order, the address on the order will not change. During the order creation process the cart is validated against store levels and deleted and archived product, product quantities are adjusted as required. This could mean the view of the order is different to the original cart view or even could mean the cart is now empty.
  • View Checkout - A view of the order and total is displayed to the user along with the prompts to link to the bank or pay by cheque.
  • Direct to Bank - The store is directed to the bank based on the gateway provided selected. (An Email based on the "" template is sent to the client and also to the email address setup in the "" settings, this email is dealt with by the gateway provider in the "AutoResponse" procedure.)
  • Return to Store - The "paymentOK.text" template is displayed to the user. "paymentFAIL.text" if the payment failed.
  • Pay by Cheque Message - The "chqpayment.text" template is displayed to the user. An Email based on the "" template is sent to the client and also to the email address setup in the "" settings

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