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All about categories, category messages, hidden and special categories, nesting

The content of your store can be split in main categories and sub categories.
You can make special categories.


The most important thing you have to do before all is to decide which categories your store content needs to have, in order to get manageable pieces.
Do not underestimate this.
Here some thoughts about that.
  • Splitting the content in too many pieces makes more categories then really needed
  • Categories have to be obviously different from each other.
  • Nesting the categories more than 3 levels deep confuses often the viewer.
  • Products are difficult to find when there are too much of them in a category
The above reflects heavenly on the usability of your store.

Herewith a simple setup of categories.
  • PARENT 10
    • CHILD 10
    • CHILD 20
    • CHILD 22
    • CHILD 30
      • CHILD 10
  • PARENT 20
  • PARENT 30


Click on the “add category” link
This screen shows you the fields to be completed in order to make a category.

The following points needs attention.
  • Will this category a main (parent) category or a sub (child)
  • When there are more languages available you have to click a flag to localize this content

You can make special categories, herewith some samples.

1. Make a category named “New”.
This category is meant for items arrived new in your store and needs the special attention of your viewers.

2. Make a category “Discount”
This category is meant for items that are on sale.
You can choose to have either hidden or not.

3. Number your categories with big gaps, in this way you are enable to insert a new category like the CHILD 22 in the example above.

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