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Cart -> Step 3 -> Payment Page

On the payment page there are a number section that can be modified. Each of those option involves working with different parts of the NB_Store modules.

Select your payment method text


  1. Open the NB Store BackOffice page.
  2. Select Utilities  -> Templates.
  3. Find gatewaymsg.txt.
  4. Edit the text accordingly.
  5. Click Update Button to save the changes.
  6. Test the shop cart by trying to buy an item and confirm the changes are showing on the Carts payment page.

NB Store Payment Method text

NB Store Payment options displayed in the cart

Hiding Direct Deposits or Cheques

This can become a little confusing because there are various terms used within the NB Store modules for this.

Checkout.asxc logic :- "imgBChq"
Checkout.asxc.vb :- Method named "AddChqGateway"
NBStore_Checkout.xml settings file :- "chkHideChq"
NB Store Backoffice -> Utilities -> Settings: Payment-Gateways :- encapsulated*
NB Store Backoffice -> Utilities -> Settings: Payment-Gateways :- encapsulated-text: "Direct Bank Deposit"
NB_Store_Checkout Settings :- "Hide Manual Payment Button"


  1. Open the DNN page that contains the Cart/checkout module.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Set the checkbox for "Hide Manual Payment Button" option as required.
  4. Test the shop cart by trying to buy an item and confirm the Direct Deposit and/or cheques option is displayed correctly.

 Checkout Settings - Direct Deposits or Cheques

Using Browser Developer Tools

Here are a few tips to help you find out how things are configured and what you're looking for.

  1. Open the page and use your browser's developer tools to examine the raw html.
  2. Alternatively, from a copy of the website not on a public IIS web server, open the original \DesktopModules\NB_Store\(WebControlName).ascx or vb files to see the logic. Please try and avoid editing these files as new releases of NB Store will over write those changes.
  3. Search NB Store Backoffice -> Utilities -> Settings web page for text.
  4. Search NB Store Backoffice -> Utilities -> templates web page for text.
  5. Edit the Dnn Page that contains the module. Select the NB_Store_*_Settings tab and review the options. You may also need to examine those options raw html via your browsers developer tools.


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