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Configure the store for selling downloadable products

NB Store has very basic downloadable product support. It works, but it doesn't offer control over the number of downloads per puchase, or period the downloads are available for.

The default store templates are switchable between product documents and product downloads. The former are documents that are meant to be freely available to visitors, such as user guides or specifications, whilst the latter are products, such as music, documents or software files.

The product download links will be exposed to the signed-in buyer on their respective product pages, but only after a successful purchase. If you are accepting manual payments, then the links will not be visible until you have confirmed the payment and changed the order status to "Payment OK" or "Closed".


You must configure your website for user account registrations. The default buyer's role is "Registered Users", which is automatically assigned to anyone who registers on any DNN site. You can change this role via the customer.role setting.

You must also uncheck "Allow Non-User Order" in the checkout module. This causes a sign-in page to be displayed to users as they go through the checkout.

You must ensure that the file extensions for all of the files you are going to make available are added the the legal file types in the website's Host settings. The store will not throw an error if it cannot upload the file, so double-check this.

These instructions apply to version 2.3.0 and higher. Ask (in the Discussions tab, not in the comments below!) if you have trouble with any of these steps in an earlier release.
  1. Set downloadableproducts.flag=Yes
  2. Edit a product and add a document to it in the Documents section
  3. View the product anonymously and confirm that you can see some information about it being a downloadable product.
  4. Purchase the product - You can enable manual payments if you want to test this more easily.
  5. If you purchased it with a manual payment, sign in as Admin or Manager and set the order's status to "Payment Ok"
  6. Sign in as the buyer and confirm that you can now see the Downloads tab on the product page.
  7. Also confirm that you can download the file.

The products in the order confirmation email and also on the final page of the checkout will be linked to the product pages for quick access to the files at any time.

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