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Host Options

From the Store Manager Menu, a number of option are available if logged on as host.

ClearDown Store
This option clears all products, categories, carts and orders from the store. In order to do this you must enter the host password.

Store Validation
Store validation will run a number of checks on the store to ensure the data integrity. To fix any errors found check the fix errors checkbox. Any errors fixed will be logged in the audit logs.

Product Image Validation - This will check to see if the imagepath in the NBStoreProductImage table matches the Server Root MapPath imageURL. If it does not and the FIX error has been checked, the imagepath is updated with the Server Root MapPath imageURL path, if this file doesn't exist the productimage record is removed from the database.
Product Document Validation - This will check to see if the document path in NBStoreProductDocs tables matches the Server Root Path, if not the the FIX will change to path to the correct one. If the document doesn't exists it will be removed from the database.
Import Settings
Importing settings and templates can now be done through this option. The drop down list show any xml file in the NB_Store/templates directory, by selecting a import file Template, settings and Status table values can be imported. The format of the import files is exactly the same of the export of the module.

  • To upgrade your settings and templates to add any new ones which may appear in later releases of NB_Store, import the "ManagerMenuDefault.xml" with the Overwrite option unchecked.
  • To create your own template set export your templates using the module export, edit it as required, and place it in the NB_Store/templates directory.
  • To change the language of order status table edit a exported module file and import it with the changes, uncheck the overwrite option. (Status Names are always imported)

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