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Product Administration

Products in the store have 3 levels of detail:
  • General Product Details
    • Manufacturer
    • Product Name
    • Product Ref
    • Summary
    • Tax Category
    • Multiple Product Categories
    • Description
    • Archived - Remove the product from the store, but do not delete it.
    • Featured - Mark the product to display in the featured product list.
    • Deleted - If a product is deleted but exists in an order the product is marked for deletion when the orderis archived from the system.
    • Product Images - Any amount of images can be uploaded and linked to a product, Images upload will be resized to web format and to a width set by the "image.resize" setting.
    • Product Documents - Any amount of documents can be uploaded and linked to a product, a single document can be linked to any number of products.
  • Product models
    • Model Ref
    • Name
    • Barcode
    • Weight
    • Unit Cost
    • Stock quantity - If set to "-1" the stock control is turned off.
    • Sort order to be displayed in the dropdown list.
  • Product options
    • Options - Options can be added to a product.
      • Option Value - If only one option value is added to a product option, the option appears as a checkbox.
      • Option cost - The additional cost of the option that will be added to the product.
      • Sort order to display in the options dropdown list.

Products can be copied from the product administration, a copy product will copy all details, models and options. Images will reference the same images as the copied product.

In a multi-language website products can be added to only one language if required, however this can lead to products being removed from the basket if the user switches to a language that does not have the product. The recommended method (apart from in special cases) would be to use the "update to All Languages" button to copy a new product to all languages in the portal.

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