Product List

Multiple product lists can be setup on a single portal. This allows for a list showing featured products only, different skins to display product lists or product details and different pages showing different categories. The control of how these modules interact can be done from the settings of each module. The product return tab after purchase can be set to the cart or the tab from which the user selected to view the product (Using the RtnTab query string parameter). The default return tab in the settings is currently overwritten by the query string param, but has been left in for future development.
Search Module

The NBStoreSearch module is a replacement for the DNN Search module. Using this modules allows the product list to act as the search results module for the DNN search index. The "nosearchresult.template" template is displayed when no products are found by the search.
Order By

In the product list settings a default order can be selected. Also if a queryString parameter of "orderby" is added the product list sort by the select value, a "desc" parameter can also be added to give a descending order.
  • orderby=man [Order by manufacturer]
  • orderby=ref [Order by product ref]
  • orderby=name [Order by name]
  • orderby=price [Order by price]
  • desc=1 [Descending]

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