This is the place where you can manage products in your store.
  • Add products / models (require adjustments in the productdetail template)
  • Make downloads (require adjustments in the productdetail template)
  • Get options (require adjustments in the productdetail template)
  • Display images


There are some things to consider before you start adding products to your store.
  • What shall be the name protocol of my products
  • for example:
  • Use the singular name even if the product exist out more than 1 item, nail instead of nails, screw instead of screws.
  • Give your product a partnumber, there is never any confusing with your customer when your product has a unique partnumber.

Here are some samples of a ref number, category and product name from a supermarket
  • The letters of the ref number determine the start letter of the category
  • The numbers in the ref are as much you think you will get in your store. In this case your store can have 999 products.
  • The ref number HE082 meant that it is a child category, in this case, Hardware->Electrical
  • The product names are singular

Ref Category Product name
F080 Fruit Apple
V012 Vegetable Potato
HE082 Hardware->Electrical Battery
HG100 Hardware->General Bucket


Click the product icon/link to enter the product screen.
This screen exists out:
  • An icon “add product”.
  • A search box.
  • A table with the following columns (this table will have the content of the entire store).
    • - Ref. (Part number of the product).
    • - Name (description of the product).
    • - Archived (Remove the product from the store, but do not delete it).
    • - Featured (Mark the product to display in the featured product list).
    • - Deleted (If a product is deleted but exists in an order the product is marked for deletion when the order is archived from the system).
    • - Copy product (function to copy the properties of a product), a copy product will copy all details, models and options. Images will reference the same images as the copied product.


Now, add a product!
Click the “add product” link.
Now, you will enter the “add product” screen

This screen can have different stages to enter a product.
  • Basic screen, basic input.
  • Complete screen, detailed input.


Here you can:
  • Enter the basis properties of your product.
  • Assign categories to your product
  • Make a description

Enter the fields with your product properties
Click the update link
The BASIC screen expands and you will see the complete screen.


The complete screen has several tables where you can:
  • Complete the product properties / add models
  • Add images
  • Add downloads
  • Add options to your product

Manage product/model detail

In this table you can have all the product details
When more than 1 model is added, then there will be a dropdown box displayed in the product list template with the products added in this table.
This table has the following headers:
  • Ref, the ref/partnumber
  • Name, the name of the product
  • Extra, a field that can be used for any purpose and displayed using a token.
  • Barcode, the barcode of the product
  • Weight, weight of the product as a value used for shipping calculations, not a specific unit.
  • Sell, What the product price will be
  • Dealer, price for users in the Dealer role. I calculated as a % discount in the checkout. Can also be set to "-1" to hide the product from dealers.
  • Cost, a reference field. Not used in any calculations.
  • Stock, how much are in stock. Stock levels for a product are entered at model level. Each model of a product can have a stock quantity entered against it or a "-1" to turn off the stock control for the product. These stock levels can be edited from the product admin page or the stock / price list page. When a product reaches 0 stock the product will show an "Out of Stock" message if the user views the product. Products that exist in the users cart also are taken into account when calculating the stock levels for a product.
  • Max Stock level. This is the maximum stock for a model, it can used to calculate the percentage of stock left. If the stock is updated to a value greater than the current max then the max field is also updated.
  • Sort, the sorting of the dropdown list, in the product list

For example:
Ref Name Weight Sell Stock Sort
F080 Apple Piece 0.10 $0.50 100 1
F081 Apple Bag 2.34 $3 .00 80 2
F082 Apple Crate 9.00 $9.99 250 3

To display more than 1 model you have to add to the “productdetail.template” the following TAG.

Manage Images

In this table you can upload all the pictures concerning the product.

This table has the following headers
  • Images, the image of your product.
  • Description
  • Sort

Default you can upload up to 4 images.

You can add more pictures into the description field

Manage documents

In this table you can add documents to download.
Any amount of documents can be uploaded and linked to a product, a single document can be linked to any number of products
If an order exists and has a status of "Payment OK" or "Closed" the document Link will be displayed when the client views the product detail.

To display the download you have to add to the “productdetail.template” the following TAGS.

Only 1 model can exist in order to use the download feature.
The manager should make sure cancelled or unpaid orders are not moved to the closed status, as this will allow the client to download without paying. In these cases the order should be moved to archived directly.
A link for the product details page now exists (when enabled) in the client order email.
A message of how to download a product can be added to the "order.text.template" and "" templates.

Manage options

In this table you can add options to your product.

This table exists out of 2 columns.
  • The name of the option
  • The actual choices.

To add options you have to do 2 steps.

Step 1 (Enter the option name).
Click the + sign to add the option(s) name(s).
Enter the amount of options you will have.

Step 2 (Enter the choice for every option name).
Click the edit icon of the option name.
Enter the number of desired choises
Edit every choice
Below an example for 1 option

Name Sort Name +Cost Sort
Bucket 1 Red 0 1
Black 1.00 2

To display an option you have to add to the “productdetail.template” the following TAGS.

You can add more than 1 option.
Every option has to have his own set of option tags

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