The store has 2 scheduler jobs that can be activated. By default these jobs are not setup when you install the module.

The purpose of this schedule job is to produce a report every day which is emailed to the store merchant email address.
This report then provides a daily overview of the site orders, also the fact that the report is sent daily ensures the store email functionaity is working.

Time Lapse: 1 hour*
Retry Frequency: 10 mins

*The functionality of the report saves the last runtime in the store setting, and will only run the report once a day.

The report is produced using XSL the path of the "ordersreport_<Culture>.xsl" which is uploaded into the module directory when it is installed, must be entered in the store settings. This defaults to the module directory, but is modifiable so different portals can have different reports.

This schedule job will delete carts from the database that are older than 7 days and removed uncompleted orders that are older that 24 hours.


delete from dbo.NB_Store_Cart
where DateCreated < dateadd(day,-7,getdate())

delete from dbo.NB_Store_Orders
where OrderDate < dateadd(day,-1,getdate())
and OrderNumber = ''

Time Lapse: 1 day
Retry Frequency: 10 mins

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divanw Oct 22, 2010 at 5:15 PM 
Can someone tell me where the dlls are for these? i can't locate them in the installation files?

rblanc Mar 31, 2010 at 5:18 PM 
The order report does not satisfy me. It shows me date, reference and total, where total is the curency total. However, it would be more convenient, that instead of showing the total amount the report would show quantity, or even both, also it would be convienent to show the productname per order. I tried to find the template, but did not find it. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the order report template to my needs.
Thank you