Shipping Administration

The shipping rates that can be set are split into 6 elements, each element is used to calculate the shipping based on the details entered. The actual shipping applied is then calculated using the shipping formula.

By Quantity
This allows you to setup shipping based on the quantity of products in the cart.

By Price
Allows shipping costs by price range.

By Weight
Allows shipping costs to be setup by product weight ranges.

Extra per Country
Allows an extra costs to be added based on the shipping country.

Extra per product
Each product can have a special added shipping cost applied.

Free shipping limit
Allow you to enter a free shipping limit by price, if this is reached then shipping amount will be zero, regardless of anyother settings.

Shipping Formula
Each element in the shipping is calculated, after which the actual shipping if determined by applying a simple formula
  • Calculate cost for Weight, Quantity or Price.
  • Take the lowest cost between price and qty.
  • Take the weight cost if more than price and qty.
  • Add any extra costs for specific products.
  • Add any extra costs for shipping country.
  • Set costs to 0.00 if passed the free shipping limit.

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Dooley Dec 18, 2009 at 2:43 AM 
Can I create my own quoter for Canada Post's ?

dbs May 29, 2009 at 9:44 PM 
Is there a way to over-ride the Shipping Formula defined above? I have my own algorithm I use based on product details and buyer type (via DNN/ASP user roles/privileges) that determines shipping rates. Can I define my own Shipping Formula, and if so, where/how?