Installation & skill requirements

The NB Store documentation and online support is meant to cover installing, configuring and using the store module. Support is not provided for code modifications outside of contributions benefitting the project. No support is provided for tasks that are already part of the DotNetNuke experience. Please use the DotNetNuke website for all DotNetNuke support.

If you want to install and use NB Store, you should already be able to:
  • Install and configure DotNetNuke, including all IIS, Database, and file system options and procedures.
  • Backup and restore your file system and database
  • Create roles, user accounts, and and apply permissions to pages and modules
  • Install modules, create pages, add modules
  • Install and apply skins and containers
  • Understand the use of tokens and token attributes - NB Store templating is similar to DNN skinning
  • Know how to use the DNN language editor
  • Know how to modify the web.config
  • Understand the DNN CSS cascade - module.css, default.css, skin.css, portal.css and so on.

Your website should of course be up to date and running flawlessly. Please review the System requirements.

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