Error During Checkout

Hello, I've come across an error using NBstore & DNN7 the installation went fine, I updated some minor link glitches and have installed the gateway per the instructions on the downl...

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Download of Digital Goods blocks site

We've just been reported and able to replicate the following issue: we sell digital goods - some of them rather latge (100s Mb). After a purchase, clientes go to the store and are able to see a l...

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MiniCart does not redirect to checkout page

Hello I'm running DNN version 07.02.01 (367) and the current release of NBStore but when clicking checkout from the minicart module it redirects me to a non-existent page and I have not found wh...

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Category menu paths

Hover on the breadcrumbs on this page on demoweb and you'll see Admin in the path. If demoweb has reset itself, just add the cat...

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Cart Items dissapear when you view cart

Hi, I have created a custom DNN module to display products and added an 'add to cart' button that uses the 'AddToCart' method. It all seems fine if you look in the database, there is a cart and t...

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I've got these notes on it: shippingcumlative.flag If True, the shipping calculation will add weight, Price and Quantity shipping costs together. If false (Default) the cheapest price between pri...

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productpagename.template resx fault

No question with this, but there is an issue with the help text. The name of the template is "productpagename.template", the resource key in the resx file "ProductPageName.template" - as this is ca...

Id #11364 | Release: None | Updated: Jan 18 at 1:53 PM by Maikl | Created: Jan 18 at 11:22 AM by robax

Product List resource keys missing

Language resource keys not present for all lists in ProductListSettings.ascx and probably elsewhere.

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RSS Feeder the resource cannot be found

I have read the documentation as follows: feeder.setting example <root> <item key="clienttest"> <reportref>Client1</reportref> <password>testpass</password> <functionkey></functionkey> <ca...

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Product list not diaplay correct manner

Hello , when i am click on particular category the product list which shown on page take alternate css class. I am attaching image which show what i want . In this pic two product one take css ...

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