500 - Internal server error. when applying NBrightStoreBO skin

Hello , I have installed NBS module on 7.3.4 . and createdNBSBackOffice page manually in admin. but whenever i am applying NBrightStoreBO skin i am getting error of 500 - Internal server error...

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Add Category Issue

I am sure that I have a simple configuration issue. I am running DNN 7.4 and NBS 3. The dev site is running on a sub domain properly setup on its own instance. I am able to add products with no pro...

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NB-Store v3 Having Issue

I am Following given below link instruction http://nbsdocs.nbrightproject.org/Documentation/Integratorguide/Installation.aspx step --> template apply success ? Entering the NBS Back Offic...

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Pagenation issue in store admin area

In the NB Store back office admin ,catalog listing, I show paging at the bottom, but when I click page 2 I get an error "Not Found The requested document was not found on this server." URL page ...

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Thumbnails do not show

Hi! We moved the website to a new server. It is running under a different folder stracture also (it is under Plesk management). I tried to build them with the diskthumbnails.flag se to ON and ru...

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three payment options nbstore

Hello everyBody, I want to add a new payment option into Nbstore but I don't have any idea how to do that. How can I add a new payment option and add code into Checkout.asx.vb !!

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Installation issue

Hi Guys, I'm trying to get the store up and running. I had it installed before on an old version and it worked fine. But then I didn't use it because I didn't end up with products to sell. C...

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no order confirmation mail sent or received

I have the store set up and all's looking good except that no notification emails ( order received) are being sent I have AuthorizeNet as the payment option. The notification emails are not sent . ...

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Shipping Calculation and Discount

Hey, I'm looking for a solution about this and so far I didn't found anything :( So the case is like this: I have a product which is a category with category discount 50%. The price for a produ...

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"NB_Store_OrderHistory" module does not work in a page with > NB_Store 2.3.8Rel4 and DNN 7.3

if you try to use "nb_store_orderhistory" inside any DNN page with any version after NB_Store2.3.8 Release 4 it does not work. When you try to add module in page then it simply redirects to some ...

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