SEO Recommendations?

Feb 24, 2010 at 6:54 PM


Just starting a thread to see if anyone has any SEO recommendations as applied to usage of NB_store.  One of my sites, I have a store page. This page contains the NB_store categorymenu and productlist modules.  For the product categorymenu, I'm using the tree menu.

Google does not seem to be indexing my categories very well nor the product listings.  Not sure if it has anything to do with the colapsed tree control or now?  Would the accordian or text menu work better?
I'm really just checking to see if anyone has any helpful hints.  What is the bext way to get your NB_Store efficiently indexed?   Will there be a possibility in the future to prvide product datafeeds?


Feb 24, 2010 at 11:51 PM

Hi Jason,

Just checking it out myself here....

Yes, I see. Everything is being indexed on Google, but the categories themselves aren't displaying a useful result in the index. The category name needs to get into the meta data. In fact, even the individual product indexes are lacking a bit.

For a product detail page I'm seeing this in Google:

Product Name : Category : Website Title
Website Description

But for a product category/list page, I'm seeing only:

Page Title
Website Description

In fact, it should really be something like this for product details

Product Name : Manufacturer : Category : Website Title
Product Summary

And for the category/list view, something like:

Category : Website Title
Category Description (If not found, then falling back to higher level category description, then falling back to Page description, then falling back to site description)


There was another thread where this was brought up and Dave had given it some thought. I'm not sure what the result was, so let's get some further comment. There was also some discussion on data feeds, and personally I'd like to see RSS.


Feb 26, 2010 at 10:51 PM


SEO is something that always needs improvment if possible.   I don;t think the treeview has any problems with search engines, it's a basic list, that is just manipulated by javascript, so in theory search engines should see all the links regardless.

One point of advice would be to make a detail page for each product, even if you've not got much information on it, because then each page will get a title set to the product name.  With the categoies, getting these referrence is ia bit more difficult, because you don;t have a page for each category and therefor no page...however I would suggest that you select "Product Title / Category Name"  in the product list module settings, the category will then be displayed in the title and hence should reference better.

In the next release we also have an option to display a category menu when a parent menu without products is displayed, this may also help with referencing categories....but again this will depend on implementation.

In the furture I think it's a must that we get some kind of improvment on the page title, maybe the ability to specify what details you want to display.  Also I'd like to get the url in a nice format that the SE can use and referrence.

Unfortunatly like always, there is so much that needs doing that time doesn;t allow us to complete everything in one step....but hopefully we improve thing step by step.





Oct 14, 2010 at 9:52 PM


Thanks for a great product.  Our church's website is now live! 

I am trying to get our bookstore seo friendly urls into the sitemap.aspx data.  It shows I am indexed to, but none of the seo friendly urls are showing up the way our seo friendly blog posts are showing up. My blog module, sunblognuke, came with an html file to force the urls into sitemap.aspx.

Am I missing a step or setting somewhere to get those into Sitemap.aspx?