Build the source code

Feb 6, 2009 at 8:19 PM
Question 1) I'm trying to build the source code and I have some problems. Source package in Releases section does not include ascx files, but the project has broken references to them. I tried to get the code from source control directly (I suppose this code may not be stable) but there are some missing files there also.
What should I do?
Question 2 ) Are there any general recommendations on how to build the source code? For instance, I see that the solution file refers to dnn library projects in some specific path and attempts to load a web site at http://localhost. Of course its difficult to have a web site there on a development machine. How should I setup my development environment?
Feb 7, 2009 at 11:49 PM
Hi Papadi,

I'll try and answer as best I can, but different programmers have different setups when it comes to setting up their development environments,

Q1.  In order to get the ascx files install the module from the "Install" package, then unzip the source files into the NB_Store directory in desktop modules.  This should give you all the files you need.  However like you say the source code files should be OK, I think you might be missing the SIPS gateway provider reference,  this is not my software and I'm unable to re-distribute  it.  To overcome this problem remove the SIP provider from the VS solution, it's the french banking systems link from atos and not needed if your not using SIPS.  (I'm working on removing the providers from the module and making the user install them separatly as required)

If this doesn't solve your problem, tell me the references your having a problem with and I find a solutuion for you!

Q2.  I've not got any recommendation as to how each developer wants to setup their environment, but I usually have a reference to the localhost (where my test website is) and also the the DNN library.  I also somtimes set a reference to an older version on DNN to make the module backward compatiable,  you can change these as you wish.

I hope this helps,
Feb 8, 2009 at 12:04 PM
1) I think that the code should be directly build-able after checking out. If suggest you remove the SIP gateway from the solution, if you cannot fully distribute it, or create a mock up library to allow building and testing. Also, why not include the ascx files in the source code zip (the one in Releases section)?
2) The cart icon in the cart module is visible only if dnn is installed in root of IIS. Working on root is only possible if you work only on this project (you don't have other web sites in IIS and especially other dnn sites) or if you are working on an OS that allows creation of multiple web sites (eg. Windows 2003/2008 Server). If you are working on Vista or XP this is not possible.
3) I see also that you have no unit testing. I don't know if this project was initiated having in mind that others could contribute. If this is the case, according to my experience, this cannot be done without unit testing that will ensure proper integration of the code each developer is writing.
4) I was thinking to contribute by adding a product rating functionality, but because of the problems above I hesitate to start. I don't like Catalook because its too complicated and ugly, but I think I'm gonna have to go with that for the moment.
Sorry for being so raspy. Its because I like this project!!! :)
Feb 8, 2009 at 2:02 PM

I don't mind you being "Raspy", I always like to hear creative criticism, if nothing get complained about, nothing gets fixed!

1)  Yes,  As I said I'm looking at removing the providers and making them seperate installations.  Also this was the first release of the code and maybe I should package it up the same as a DNN module in future.

2) Have a look at this link

But also the cart item can be easily changed in the templates "minicart.template",

3)  True,  To give you a bit of background the project was created in order to be used in-house as our e-commerce solution, hopefully giving our clients a easy to use store, with minimal time setup for us.  It was only released as open source in December and is still very immature, the idea is to add improvements over time with the help of others who feel this project is a good and meaningful way to use any spare time.

That said, I don't want to tell any developer how to setup the way they develop, but I agree unit testing would be ideal!!  My problem is time!! 

4) I'm sad that the minor issues above put you off helping.  Any useful contribution to the project is welcome,  Maybe you could help by providing solutions to the points you've made, (unit tests would be great!!)

And finally, thankyou for the feedback,  please continue to look at the future versions and please pass back any help or feedback you can.


Feb 8, 2009 at 8:50 PM
2) Thanks for the tip! I didn't know that! Still, one web site/module should not rely on the fact that it is running on root.
3) Yes, time is problem as always. I'm working on a secret formula to skip sleeping :). I will keep you informed!
4) I will try to be in touch.