Showcase NB_Store site?

Aug 17, 2009 at 2:47 AM


Lots of people working with the ecommerce module now. I'd really like to see sites in production or testing mode. Please add a link to it so we can all see your work. I'd also like to ask if anyone is willing to share there skinning efforts? I've tried several and none of them really "fit" well.

Dave, if you have a better way to handle this let me know.



Oct 12, 2009 at 10:59 PM
Edited Oct 12, 2009 at 11:01 PM

Good idea! Don't understand why there are no replies?

Here is my motorcycle store site demo im building at the moment. Although its currently in French you will still get a feel for the module. Click here to visit the site.


Oct 13, 2009 at 12:53 AM

I've got my first one in production at livewires dot co dot nz (trying to keep unrelated codeplex traffic out of the site stats)

The site is for traders-only but can be browsed anonymously as a catalogue without prices. That's also why it the cart is not right up front on the site. Just click on one of the Flash icons on the homepage to get to it. Also note that this cart doesn't use a details view, because it isn't required or even desired. Authenticated/approved users get a small quantities field and the buy button directly below the descriptions. The dropdown list above the cart is ZClinks module off Snowcovered, which is a rebuild of the core links module with the added benefit of not needing a 'Go' button to launch the links. The site also demonstrates the problem whereby the product list currently can't be filtered by manufacturer - I've had to put the manufacturers/artists in as categories instead. It's ok for this site, but I think would be unworkable if each category needed the same long list of manufacturers as are under Cards. This website replaces one I had running for about 6 years using another ASP cart. The owner has been very happy with both sites. Apart from a new look, the main benefit of the new one is the much greater ease of use, primarily in the fully automated image processing, and also the general content management functionality of the wider website by way of the dnn bits. I'm extremely grateful that Dave was able to add the special template for authenticated users at the last minute, as the site wouldn't have worked without it.

I've got three further sites in development with the cart, and I'll post them all as soon as they're done, the first is due 1st November and makes use of some vital sponsored work dave has done. 

I've also got general purpose templates that I plan on contributing to the project, but I really need to clean them up to be more broadly usable,and I also want to include the new discounts tokens in them first.

Oh, and one point to know when creating a cart without a details view - Browsing products via the search function shows the details view anyway, so you still have to provide a usable template for it.