Order Status - How do I add, remove, replace the status items?

Sep 30, 2009 at 12:05 PM
Edited Sep 30, 2009 at 12:10 PM

How do I add or remove items in the list of the various 'order status' items?

(I mean the words 'Created', 'Waiting for Cheque', 'Closed', etc.)

Ofc, I can edit the table directly (nb_store_orderstatus). Is this the only way?


thank you


Sep 30, 2009 at 1:23 PM
Edited Sep 30, 2009 at 1:23 PM

hi Dimitris,


At the moment there is not UI for the status, however you can change them in two way:

1. Edit the database directly.

2. create a setting import file. and edit that to reflect your status name.  To do the this export the setting from BackOffice>Admin and edit the exportedxml file, at the bottom you'll find:


  <ID10 Lang="XX" ListOrder="1">
  <ID20 Lang="XX" ListOrder="2">
    <![CDATA[Waiting for Bank]]></ID20>
  <ID30 Lang="XX" ListOrder="3">
  <ID40 Lang="XX" ListOrder="4">
    <![CDATA[Payment OK]]></ID40>
  <ID45 Lang="XX" ListOrder="5">
    <![CDATA[Payment not verified]]></ID45>
  <ID50 Lang="XX" ListOrder="6">
  <ID60 Lang="XX" ListOrder="7">
  <ID70 Lang="XX" ListOrder="8">
  <ID75 Lang="XX" ListOrder="9">
  <ID80 Lang="XX" ListOrder="10">
    <![CDATA[Waiting for Cheque]]></ID80>
  <ID90 Lang="XX" ListOrder="11">
    <![CDATA[Waiting for Payment]]></ID90>
  <ID100 Lang="XX" ListOrder="12">
    <![CDATA[Waiting for Stock]]></ID100>


For example change this section to :

      <ID10 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="1">
      <ID20 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="2">
        <![CDATA[En attente de la banque]]></ID20>
      <ID30 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="3">
      <ID40 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="4">
        <![CDATA[Paiement OK]]></ID40>
      <ID45 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="5">
        <![CDATA[Paiement non vérifié]]></ID45>
      <ID50 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="6">
      <ID60 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="7">
        <![CDATA[En attente]]></ID60>
      <ID70 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="8">
      <ID75 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="9">
      <ID80 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="10">
        <![CDATA[En attente du chèque]]></ID80>
      <ID90 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="11">
        <![CDATA[En attente de paiement]]></ID90>
      <ID100 Lang="fr-FR" ListOrder="12">
        <![CDATA[En attente de stock]]></ID100>


You can them import it back into NB_Store.

Hope this helps,




Sep 30, 2009 at 1:46 PM

yes, it helps me.

thank you Dave.