DNN Subscription.

Dec 11, 2009 at 1:10 PM

Is it possible to sell site subscriptions ?

I need to sell VIP acces to my site. ex

"6 months VIP $100"

"12 months VIP $270"

Cheers /Jesper

Dec 11, 2009 at 11:53 PM

Hi Jesper,

Handling subscriptions is always a problem in DNN and there is no bulletproof solution.

It's easy to create a role with a fee and an expiry period. It's also relatively easy to sell the roles. The hard bit is managing notification of impending expiry and then guide the user to process the payment for renewal when it is about to or has expired. I'm assuming that your members are meant to have the choice to renew and not simply be renewed automatically without notice. PayPal subscriptions will do it automatically, but this requires that they have a PayPal account and that they don't mind it being billed automatically.

DNN sells roles, but the subscriptions tab is visible in the user profile only after one has created an account and signed in, and it cannot be linked to in order to make it easier to find. It's basically not part of the registration process, and doesn't provide any useful indication of expiry.

NB Store doesn't sell roles, but it's on the list of features to be discussed. In sites where I have been selling subscriptions, I use either AllDNNSkins' Logon Combo, or Gumbosoft's PayPal Cart. These and plenty of other modules can easily sell roles. Ventrian Subscriptions is also worth looking at as it has a good notifications system. Datasprings has a renewal reminder module that I want to use but haven't been able to get working yet.

DNN5's ability to deny view permissions to a given role can help a lot because you can then put the role purchasing module on a page and make it only visible to people not in the paid role.

None of the modules provide a complete "registration, purchase, notify and renew" system. You basically have to hack something together and hope for the best.

Another thing to be aware of is that one normally has to be an admin to create the roles and apply the fees and expiry periods. WorkControl's User Manager is the only workable option for allowing non-admins to handle this task.