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Discounts, promotions and sale pricing

This is a very basic example of how to set some products as 10% off.
  • Create a category and, just for the sake of this example, name it "10% Sale"
  • Mark the category as a "Special Hidden category" in the category editor's "Extra" tab.
  • Go to the Promotions, Category Discounts tab and add a new discount.
  • Set the discount to use the category you've created
  • Put "10" in the percentage field.
  • Name the discount "10% Sale" just for the sake of this example.
  • Update

Now go and add some products to the sale category and they will be on sale.
Be sure to sign out of your admin account to make sure you're seeing what customers see.

In this manner, you can create Special Hidden Categories for many different discounts and promotions. Simply add and remove products from these categories as required. Your visible product cateogries need not be altered in any way.

Note that there are tools in the category edit dialogue which allow you to copy products in and out of the category, either individually or in bulk. Use them to put large numbers of products on sale without having to interfere with the live display categories.

You might in some cases want a sale category to be visible as a clickable category. You can simply unmark it as a special hidden category and it will become visible.

Note that discounts only apply to products and do not include the shipping price. All shipping calculations involving the product price do not allow for discounted pricing.

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iamjdev Jan 31, 2012 at 1:40 AM 
Since the Cart Discounts don't seem to work if you add an email address of the user with the cart, a set of instructions on how this scenario works would be very useful. Filter by email address would be a useful feature for giving a single individual a Cart Discount rather than hoping no one else is checking out at that moment because you had to leave the Email field blank.