Introducing the Back Office


Through this screen you are entering the administration utilities of your store.
Normally in the real world, an office like this is located at the back of your store, hence the name “BackOffice”!


When you enter the backoffice you will see a “Dashboard”.
Every link on the dashboard has a utility what gives you the access and tools to manage your store.
There are the following links.
  • EXIT


Your store has the powerful ability to get it displayed in multi languages.
Every link describes above, is capable to translate his content in multi languages.
For this purpose there are flags displayed at places where you will be enabled to translate the content.

The language flag link has 2 levels of operation.
  • One at store level, this concerns the chosen language of the interface of the store.
  • One at content level, this concerns the chosen language for the content of the store.

For example:
The dashboard has your language flags displayed at the top (when installed, see NOTE below)
Clicking on a flag will switch the language of the interface.
When enter content into one of the administration modules, clicking a flag will switch the language of the content you have entered.

In order to use multi languages the administrator must take care of the following:
Your DNN installation must have the appropriated languages installed.
Your store must be translated in ADMIN->LANGUAGES


This is the place where you can:
- Split the NB-store content, what is displayed in the products lists, in manageable pieces.
- Managing products.
- managing stock

The catalogs exist out of 4 sub menus.
1. Category
2. Products
3. Simple products (managed by managerlite role)
4. Stock

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