Payment Gateways

The parameters of the gateways can be changed from the Settings menu, these settings are now in XML and it is recommended to upgrade any old text based settings (Which will still work!) into the new XML format. An example of each settings can be found the documentation directory of the NB_Store module.

The Cheque gateway provider is created as a integral part of NB_Store, it can be turn off from the checkout settings, but has no other modifiable settings.

The parameters of the Paypal gateway can be changed from the Settings menu using the "PayPal.gateway" setting.
The [ORDERID] tag will be replaced by the internal order number.

paymentURL= (change to actual paypal url, this is the test one, best to use this in order to get it up and running)
verifyURL= (As Above!)
ButtonImageURL=http://localhost/Desktopmodules/NB_Store/img/paypal60x38.gif (http://localhost/ needs to be your website root )
ReturnURL=[ORDERID]/Default.aspx?PayPalExit=RETURN (This URL needs to be set as your cart page url, with the ?PayPalExit=RETURN added on the end, stg/5 param tels thecart what response to do)
ReturnCancelURL=[ORDERID]/Default.aspx?PayPalExit=CANCEL (As Above!)
ReturnNotifyURL= (As Above!, but with stg/4.)

The parameters of the SIPS gateway can be changed from the Settings menu using the "SIPS.gateway" and "SIPS.exepath" settings.
Tags : [ORDERID]

For a detailed explanation of the SIPS settings look at the SIPS documentation. The only difference is that the recommended method of implementing the settings in NB_Store is to use a XML format.

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mleidlein Feb 22, 2010 at 4:38 PM 
What does "Store Print" mean under the Cheque setting for the cart?

jcbarreau Dec 13, 2009 at 12:58 PM 
J'ai vu que sur le bazardewally, il était possible en finalité d'aller payer avec pour son cas la caisse d'épargne. J'ai des clients qui sur des sites que nous allons transférer ont des passerelles déjà en place avec le crédit mutuel ou la société générale. Comment implémenter ces fonctions avec NB_Store ?

Merci, JC

jujijime Nov 13, 2009 at 3:34 PM 
Is it possible for this cart to use as a payment gateway? If I were to use PayPal, where can I adjust it to utilize the PayPal Web Pay pro API's (Express Checkout & Direct Pay)??