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Settings Administration

In Store Manager Menu the "Settings Admin" allows you to setup email address, roles, limits, etc..
The "Host Only" restricts access to just the host user.

Name Description Email address of the store administrator, error messages will be sent to this email address.
buybutton.text Text to be displayed by the buy button on products. If left blank the resx file text is used.
cheque.provider assembly name of the cheque provider for the store checkout. Usually this will only be updated from the checkout settings.
chqpayment.emailsubject Subject of the email that is sent when a client pays by cheque.
country.list List of countries to be allowed in this portal. (e.g. "France,United Kingdom"). To create bespoke countries for different language create a new country list in DNN called "StoreCountry.(CountryCode)" e.g. Note: Make sure you use the same names in this list as in the Host>Lists>Country otherwise it will not be listed in the billing address
gateway.loadimage File path of the GIF image that is displayed when proccessing is passed to the bank gateway.
gateway.provider assembly name of the bank gateway provider for the store checkout. Usually this will only be updated from the checkout settings.
manager.role Name of the store manager role.
managerlite.role Name of the LITE store manager role.
merchant.culture Merchant culture string e.g.(fr-FR for France), this will set the language of the merchant. Merchant email address, all orders and reports will be sent to this email address
ordershipdate.days Estimated amount of days when an order will be shipped. The amount of days entered here will be added to the current date and placed in the Order:ShipDate field, when an order is created.
ordershipped.emailsubject Email subject when a order is shipped.
ordersreport.subject Email subject of the orders report.
ordersreport.xsl File Path of the orders report xsl.
ordervalidated.emailsubject Email subject of the validated order email.
paymentOK.emailsubject Email subject of the order confirmation email.
paymentunverified.emailsubject Email subject of the order confirmation email, when a order can not be validated automatically.
PayPal.gateway Paypal configuration settings
product.limit Sets the product limit for the store.
productlite.limit Sets the product limit for the LITE store.
SIPS.exepath Directory path of the SIPS response.exe & request.exe
SIPS.gateway SIPS configuration settings Email of the Store, all emails will be sent from this address.
image.resize Will resize a product image on upload to the specified size (450px default), if the image is smaller than the value specified no resize is done.

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