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suggest strategies for creating a working shipping sheme (i.e. weights needn't be actual product weight, but can just be integer values 1,2,3... that are used to calculate the shipping) and describe typical scenarios, advise the wearing of a helmet whilst configuring this. Note that shipping is best when it is simplified for the web

Extending shipping countries with regions or zip/postal codes

This is a common requirement, especially for stores in larger countries. The current method for achieving this is to expand the core DNN Country Lists with new entries covering your required regions, zones or zip codes.

This is not fullydocumented here, but you can read this thread for tips on how to do this.

Create a Pickup option for Shipping

To create a ‘Pickup’ shipping method with a zero price follow the steps below:
1. Create a new shipping template for the Pickup shipment method
a. BackOffice > Utilities>Templates>Payment>Shipping
b. Click on “Add”
c. For the group, choose “.Shipping” for the Name type [shipping method].shiptemplate (shipping method being the name you choose.
d. Type in the text you want to appear in the checkout page (i.e. “Pickup order, no shipping [TAG:SHIPPINGCOST]”
e. Save
2. Go to BackOffice>Shipping>Method and add a new method
a. Name (e.g. “PickUp”)
b. Description (e.g. “Pickup, no shipping costs”)
c. Display template ( choose the newly created template)
3. Then choose, for example “By country” or “By weight”, choose the shipping method “Pickup” if you have more Shipping options, and fill in the information you require and set the price to “0,00”
4. To make the shipping method appear in the checkout page go to BackOffice>Shipping>Free Limit and set the “Free Shipping Level” to 1
5. This also requires that the allowzeroshipping.flag setting be set to Yes
This new shipping method will now be displayed in the checkout and once the use clicks “Pickup, no shipping” the shipping costs will be “0,00”

Creating Regions within a country For Shipping
This document will help you to create shipping cost for regions of your country. It also can be expanded to postcodes/zip codes as well. In this tutorial I will create a list of dutch regions. To achieve this follow the steps below:
1. Create a new Dnn List through the Admin List editor and name it ‘StoreCountry.{Country code}’ The Country code corresponds to the language page that the site is using, if you are using the default language pack the new list will be called ‘StoreCountry.en-US’. I will be using the Dutch language pack so therefore my list will be called ‘’.
2. In the new Dnn List enter the following (these are a list of regions in Holland):
Text Value
Drenthe 01
Flevoland 02
Friesland 03
Gelderland 04
Groningen 05
Limburg 06
Noord-Brabant 07
Noord-Holland 08
Overijssel 09
Zuid-Holland 10
Utrecht 11
Zeeland 12

3. Now that the Dnn list is created you can now change the ‘country.list’ setting in the backoffice of NB Store. To do this go to the backoffice >Settings>Payment>Shipping and click ‘country.list’.
4. Now enter a comma delimited list of regions in the box (i.e. Drenthe,Flevoland, Friesland …) .The entries in this list must match the Text items in the list or this will not work.
5. You can now check to see if the list is getting displayed in the shopping cart.
6. To setup shipping costs for the regions you can now go to the backoffice>Shipping>By Country and enter the costs for each region.
This procedure will work for postcodes/zip codes, countries, regions and whatever you need.

Country List SQL examples can be found here:
NB_Store DNN Country Lists.

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robax Sep 23, 2012 at 1:16 AM 
The original author of this document is not a native English speaker. He means: Backoffice>Shipping>By Country. I've updated the page.
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HELLO ! anyone, please answer

rozaboy Sep 16, 2012 at 4:14 PM 
i have added the regions and i can see them in shopping cart, but there is no BY Land Option in Shipping menu. What might cause this problem?