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NB Store is intended to be used with hosted payment gateways, thus avoiding PCI compliance issues. It is possible to create an integrated gatway, but this is not officially supported.

W3C Markup
The templates included in version 2.2 of NB Store validate as 100% XHTML 1.0 Transitional markup in the product list, product details and checkout pages. No effort has been made to validate the backoffice or other non-public pages.

Please note that there are two invalid inline style tags in the default templates. These tags are not exposed in the source unless either the wishlist or the disablecart flag is enabled. It is however simple enough to modify the templates and not use the style tags. It just means you can't turn those two features on and off so easily. Make your choice on compliance and configure it as you see fit. We will remove the style tags once we have found another method for hiding and exposing the relevant bits of the minicart.

Version 2.2 of NB Store arrives with several stylesheets. Those relating to the jQuery Tabs or the jQuery Treeview menu are not compliant CSS, primarily due to inclusion of CSS3 features, and it is not within the scope of the project to change this.

The module.css is CSS 2.1 compliant, whilst the stylesheet.css found in the Back Office templates tab fails CSS 2.1 validation in a handful of areas, all of which are commented in the stylesheet. This is largely due to the CSS3 round corner and shadow styles, use of inline-block, one IE6 hack, and the opacity value of the lightbox effect. These will remain in the default templates, but if you are extremely fussy, you can simply remove them.

Not tested.

Not tested.

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