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 Step by step guide to a working store with anonymous PayPal checkout

Issues to take note of: 
In the DNN5 and DNN6 video guides, the Back Office module is added to the store page. However, in NB_Store v2.3.2 you must place the module on a page of its own. The written guide below is updated and correct.

We are also seeing a problem with skins having a visible="false" attribute on their content panes. If you are seeing a file download field directly next to a models dropdown on the product details page, then you should look for and remove that attribute from your skin panes.

View either one of these 30 minute Windows Media video guides

Or follow the written guide

  1. Create one non-public page named "Back Office" and add this module to it:
    1. NB_Store BackOffice
    2. Click the link to view the Back Office and then Exit again.
  2. Create two public pages: Store and Checkout
  3. Add these modules to the Store page:
    1. NB_Store ProductList - Go into settings, Tabs/Pages, point "Checkout" to the checkout page, "Default Return" page to the Store page, and "Product Detail tab" to Store, click update.
    2. NB_Store CategoryMenu - Go into settings, point "Product List Tab" to store page, and click update. If your store page is not called "Store", then also look for "Tree Title Html" and update the link path to your store page
    3. NB_Store MiniCart - Go into settings and click update
  4. Add this module to the checkout page:
    1. NB_Store Checkout - Go into settings, point "Cancelled Order Return Tab" to Checkout and "Continue Shopping Tab" to Store. Also take note of the TabID number near the Update link, then click update
  5. Go into Back Office, Utilities, Settings, Notifications and specify 3 email addresses
    1. - For error messages
    2. - For store owner to receive order notifications and reports
    3. - For store to use as the "From" email address
  6. Go into Back Office, Utilities, Settings, Payment, Gateways, PayPal.gateway
    1. Add your PayPal email address, website name, Currency code,
    2. Replace the 3 instances of with your own domain.
    3. Replace the 3 instances of (checkout-tabid-number) with the Tab ID you noted earlier.
    4. Specify the 2 digit language code
    5. A full PayPal configuration and troubleshooting guide is on Codeplex here

  7. Go into Back Office, Utilities, Settings, System, Tabs and apply these settings, even if they appear to be correct already.
    1. Set to your store page
    2. Set to your checkout page
    3. Set to your store page
  8. Go into Back Office, Utilities, Templates, Notifications, and complete the following templates:
    1. merchantaddress.template - Store address/location
    2. merchantbank.template - Direct banking or check payment details for the manual gateway
    3. merchantlogo.template - Insert the absolute URL to your website logo graphic
    4. merchantname.template - The name of the business or store
  9. Go into Back Office, Catalogue and add a category
  10. Go into Back Office, Catalogue and add a product
  11. Sign out, clear your browser cache, view your store and make a test purchase.

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robax Dec 10, 2012 at 11:29 PM 
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jmathis Nov 13, 2012 at 3:52 AM 
Nice set up guide. One suggestion though, maybe include at the top the version of the store that this guide was written for. That way people will know if it might be outdated and not get confused. Thanks!